i updated livejournal a little bit yesterday.
it made me feel dirty.


1st – worked even more on chem worksheets.
2nd – half agility ball (aka dodge sphere aka dodge ball) half football.
3rd – played some music.
lunch – got a bit angry.
4th – learned about nixon and watergate.
5th – Goofy movie that was boring/funny.
6th – spanish test.
7th – nothingness because people had tests still.
8th – Caesar test.
home – barely then musical practice from 5-9. then after that i came home and got a tinge of work done then bed.

woke up at 9:30.
watched tv.
cleaned my room.
tinge of crafting.
updating this to make up for my livejournal update.
mailing things.


Happy Easter loves. (even though i will probably update before then.)


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