oh golly. this weekend was fun.

so friday in the evening i went to A&W with Allison, Liz, and Gina. and the people behind us were staring at us the WHOLE time what Allison and I recalled what losers/cool kids we were starting in 4th grade up until now (i.e. the space pigeon to the stabbed heart). then we went to Big Lots and did like… nothing except try on bras and break Gina’s purse (which is now fixed…). Liz and i bought Barbies so we could play barbies at Allison’s house since we all spent the night. we then went to Allison’s house and played Barbies. Gina’s Barbie was the best HANDS DOWN. “Hey guys… my parent were killed in Nam so you have to buy my horses”. and all the barbies talked in the same voice. Then we played the Lion King and the Beauty and the Beast games and 2 rounds of Yahtzee. Then sleep.

Today we helped with the easter Egg hunt and about died of coldness but we got candy out of it so that’s cool. Ummmm the stupid girl jerk face. Eating Miller’s hoagies. the Allison, Karen, and i went up to Bub’s where we dyed eggs, made butter sheep, and played cards. Allison adn i also played with the Easy Bake Oven only all the food was probably deadly so Bub wouldnt let us eat it. now i am home watching my brother.


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