wow i just love reading old xanga posts… especially ones form May 28, 2006.

umm this weekend was just chillin at the camp and cooking things (strawberries, grapes, hotdogs….) over teh fire. and hardcore manhunt. and… umm… watching Stay Alive.

thats about it.



2 updates in a row? I’m back!

today i woke up, cleaned my room up some, and now i am working on cultures. now with the cultures i think i did a 4 page rough draft on the wrong section of this. oh well… i guess someone else can figure that out. and Nina and Jasmyn are coming over later to work on sed project.

Yikes. i am starting to understand my layout more and more…

well i have been absent from school for the past 2 days.
i have accomplished the following things:
~ watching Stay Alive 4 times
~ starting and finishing Clare’s birthday presents/card
~ finished the rest of Bob’s birthday present
~ make myself a random purse
~ get farther on my “secret” project
~ totally neglect my Culture’s report which i have to completely write tonight
~ catch up on my sleep only like…. 70%

and that is it.

i feel sad that i missed Clare’s birthday party but i would rather not be there throwing up.

oh xanga how i used to love you and update you daily.

1st – lab with eric.
2nd – eric and i winning the nobel prize?
3rd – Mancini Magic
Lunch – FRUIT!
4th – group project work.
5th – alcohol prevention?
6th – spanish bargaining and partners.
7th – working on math, driver’s ed, and english
8th – vocab test and Antigone.

home = working on Clare’s birthday card adn i am meeting Shawn at Wal*Mart in like… an hour?

1st – reading day!
2nd – joke pilates.
3rd – fun day!
Lunch – no fruit
4th – nothing
5th – study hall and…. inappropriateness.
6th – $1000s in water damage.
7th – hangman with lyrics and spanish.
8th – band lessons.
home – grand march
currently – listening to wizardrock.

fun weekend.

Friday = Spring Fling (it sucked SO BAD. decorating was more fun then the dance)
Saturday = Rachel’s hot birthday party.
Sunday = Crocheting and driving.

i am thinking i don’t want school tomorrow.

few days since update BUT i have my permit now and the ehglish prject from hell is done.

1st – New lab?
2nd – flag football.
3rd – band
4th – tests
5th – reading road maps
6th – weird spanishness
7th – worksheets
8th – Antigone.