sooo exhausted.

so i wake up early, go to band practice, swear like a sailor, march, swear some more, sign up for behind the wheel training, more swearing, home, dying of exhaustion, packs of Mac’n’Cheese, swimming.

that is my day.
and now i have the urge to crochet.


wow i completely forgot i found a new layout.

today was laying around the house, swimming, eating, storm, eating, work.

tomorrow hopefully is hardcore fun or i might be disappointed with life.



i need to remember to update this thing more often.

Today i worked a bit at the concession stand this morning.
Then i went to the Kittaning Thrift store and got the coolest fabrics ever.
Then the butler mall where i got shoes, a bra, and all of my summer reading plus some.
Got supper at A&W.
Went back to work at the Concession Stand (yay $20) ((boo bitchy ladies)).
Home, update, update, forums, sleep?


P.S. – anyone care to tell me how The Bell Jar is? i got it today as not school assigned summer reading.

so today is saturday and i got a kickass purse at a yard sale this morning… only the purse is really hardcore old ladyish.



but i love it and you can’t change my mind.

ummm… sorry for not updating in forever. but right now my brain is like… melting out through my ears.

1st – final review
2nd – sitting around being beat.
3rd – playing Pomp and Circumstance
4th – cultures final and telling Slagle off.
5th – Amish Instant Messaging
6th – final in Spain
7th – Math final
8th – talking to Mrs. Halihoohoo