oh xanga how i have neglected you.

saturday – getting Harry Potter, reading Harry Potter and working in the apartment
sunday – reading Harry Potter and shopping
monday – reading Harry Potter
tuesday (today) – finishing Harry Potter (i about cried like… 3 times) and Bike Ride


today sheila came over and we started our Harry Potter shirts. then i went driving and was in a really bad mood but it improved. then home was eating and painting the shirts. now i am updating this.

tomorrow is finishing the shirts, driving (final time), tyler’s game, and Harry Potter festivities, and at midnight getting the book.

so i think i might have found a new layout. but i think i might transfer my xanga from this being my current one to my other one until i get sick of it… but i doubt i will do that. lilbandade has become too much of a life for me to switch to the never used sharpiemusic. and i need to update the microphonejamboree one.

today was fun. and then we went to the playgrounds and made today phenominal.

no matter how much i love this layout, i might get a new one.

so today was good.
i got way further in my summer reading and i helped eat an Angry Mob in order to get a poster.
too bad now i have a stomach ache and a head ache.
i was also in a bad mood all day.


so today, as in July 3rd for i have yet to fall asleep, was not fun.

Went to Wal*Mart, Went driving with Bob and Fraizer, Went to a hellish July 3rd party, Found out date for Sleeping With Giants tour (God wants me to go to it. It is after i have my liscense and on a weekend… perfect? not quite. i am 16 and it is Pittsburgh… parents reason for everything).