i really don’t think i am liking this whole “Xanga Themes” shit.

1st – i was in the physics mood. dont ask why. it just happened naturally.
2nd – writing notes and reading Baby Be-Bop
3rd – i didnt have to play in band becuase of my finger and i talked to Nacho. Double win.
Lunch – i kept looking at Nacho and he kept looking back.
4th – while the teacher is away, the students will play and speak pig latin.
5th – listened to the teacher complain about every aspect of government.
6th – did math book problems.
7th – learned about cancer and heard about how we are getting free cancer related things tomorrow in health?
8th – listened to the teacher complain about 9-11 and how it will all happen again.
Home – dying my bangs purple (not sure if i like it though because i didnt bleach my hair first beucase i am not allowed to dye my hair purple), some cultures work, some Viva Pinata, some reading, here.


well i finally bought my purple hair dye so hopefully sometime this week that will happen.

now to the real reason for this post.
i was watching Doctor Who yesterday. Doctor Who is a British scifi show and i absolutely love it. The guy who plays The Doctor, David Tennant, is gorgeous and amazing and just wow. So i get online to find out a few things about the guy. Turns out he is exactly 20 years older then me (therefore he is 36 but age is just a number right?). To the day. I was all excited taht we shared a birthday because he beats out Melissa Joan Hart anyday. Also he has wanted to play The Doctor ever since he was three and now he is and i just think that is freaking awesome. Another fun fact about David Tennant, He played Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I read that part and was like “WTF!?!? no he didnt.” then i played taht part of the movie in my head and, sure enough, he was the one who was looking crazy and flicking his tounge everywhere.

Pictures of him for your enjoyment.

Today my plans were to wake up, do my chores, and take the Tracker to Trader Horn and Wal*Mart for craft supplies and hair dye. so i did wake up and do my chores. Around 11:25 i went down to our new garage to get the Tracker out to go run my errands. Well i thought the garage door was hooked up and didnt think i had to open it manually. Well after messing around for a few minutes, my mom told me to open it manually. I do that without complications and back the Tracker out with ease.

Here is where the story gets fun. I then have to manually close the garage door that is 8 ft high. So, after tugging at a string (which i guess locked the garage door), my mom told me to get a chair and pull the garage door down or jump up, grab it, and pull it down. Me, being the lazy ass i am, decided to jump the foot and pull it down. Well i grab and my one hand held on but i let go after i realized it wasn’t coming down.

After i let go and walked a few steps, i realized my hand was in pain so i looked down and my two fingers were bleeding and the skin was all ripped up and it made me scared. I ran up to the house mumbling shit and fuck and ouch under my breath and i showed my mom. She cleaned ti off a tiny bit and was like “ok sit here, apply pressure and let me finish this” after a few minutes she comes back and is like “come into the bathroom so i can see if you need stitches or anything.” Upon further inspection she was like “that is deep so we are going to go to the Emergency Room”

So i sat at the table for about 10 minutes crying and saying ouch over and over again while violently shaking my leg while my mom and brother got ready. We hop into the Rondevous and were off to the hospital. When we got there we saw the one nurse who couldn’t read my medical charts (i am not even kidding), then after 15 minutes of her we went to get registered where i got this fun bracelet (see picture) and that took another 10 minutes. Finally, after a 25 minute wait we got to go back to a room. We are back there forever when finally a doctor came back to numb my finger for stitches. She numbs my finger and leaves for 10 minutes and comes back to find my finger no longer numb. She has to numb it again (by this time it is about 1:10). She gives me the 3 stitches, steralizes it, and then leaves saying a nurse will be in to bandage it up. A nurse then comes in about 20 minutes later and cleans it again and bandages it again. we were out at about 1:45. About 2 hours after entering.

Now my finger hurts like a bitch and i wasnt able to go to Trader Horn or Wal*Mart.



Link To Wound Picture.
(too gory to be shoved in your face)

so my day was actually decent.

it consisted of waking up, watching Mulan 2, eating really good wedding soup, raking leaves, going to the movies to see “Enchanted”. that movie was one of the best i have seen in a long while AND there was a cute boy (about 16 or 17) there with his family and i was like “YAY!”. now i am home updating stuff and that is basically it.

Legally Blonde i think just recently became a musical. they were showing it on MTV beucase they sponsered ti or something? i dont know. it is on Braodway though in New York. It was really good and the guy who played Emmit was really cute in an awkward geeky way. The girl who plays Elle has an amazing singing voice but is a bit pudgy compared to Reese Witherspoon. but all in all i would watch it over again.

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone! (and by everyone i mean Jena)

My day consisted of little food because i seriously was not hungry, Ghost Hunters marathon on the SciFi channel, and Legally Blonde: The Musical on MTV.

i hope everyone (aka Jena) had as wonderful a day as mine.


1st – new seats but not really in physics and learning about vectors which i think might actually be fun.
2nd – study hall and working on english homework and after i finished that physics homework, and after that reading.
3rd – played some music in band and the cork is falling off my reed. UGH!
Lunch – food, talking, and good times.
4th – finally being finished with The Jungle is the greatest pleasure i have ever had. seriously. the fact that no on else had it finished only added to my joy.
5th – test on the President’s cabinet in government. fun times at failing.
6th – working on graphing calculators makes my life a little better beucas eyou can type on them and make fun shapes.
7th – lifestyle diseases in health. so fun times. fun times.
8th – 15 minute review on everything i already know about Hindus and Buddhists.
Home – watched tv. went on a walk with Monica. and drove (all by myself. i am now liscensed) to Clare’s house to watch Smoking Aces. That movie was pretty freaking fun. seriously.

wow… my last update was about exactly two months ago. sorry xanga. i still love you. it is just that tramp Vox that is keeping my attention. you know i will always be faithful to you in the end. maybe i will buy you knew clothes to make up for my absence.

so today was pretty decent.

1st – no Rudy do no physics basically. tomorrow i get out of physics completely for Peer Mentoring training. i really hope i get whoever it is that i am mentoring tomorrow… like really really really hope.

2nd – reading The Jungle in study hall. let me catch anyone up. The Jungle is a horrible bok that makes me physically ill after reading about it and how they kill animals and work in the meat packing industry.

3rd – we played in band. i think i am ready to take Gina down in the challenge.

Lunch – they were talking about The Jungle WHILE i was eating. thanks for the absence of appitite there.

4th – test on The Jungle and discussion on The Jungle. needless to say it was my least favorite class ever.

5th – in government we talk about how some leaders think Hitler was a pretty cool guy. i think we might have also discussed foreign affairs but whatever.

6th – trig is always great beucase i know what is going on and i only half pay attention. yay my math amazingness.

7th – a health test on drugs. amazingly it was on the difficult side.

8th – we took a test on the Seven Wonders of the world.