wow… my last update was about exactly two months ago. sorry xanga. i still love you. it is just that tramp Vox that is keeping my attention. you know i will always be faithful to you in the end. maybe i will buy you knew clothes to make up for my absence.

so today was pretty decent.

1st – no Rudy do no physics basically. tomorrow i get out of physics completely for Peer Mentoring training. i really hope i get whoever it is that i am mentoring tomorrow… like really really really hope.

2nd – reading The Jungle in study hall. let me catch anyone up. The Jungle is a horrible bok that makes me physically ill after reading about it and how they kill animals and work in the meat packing industry.

3rd – we played in band. i think i am ready to take Gina down in the challenge.

Lunch – they were talking about The Jungle WHILE i was eating. thanks for the absence of appitite there.

4th – test on The Jungle and discussion on The Jungle. needless to say it was my least favorite class ever.

5th – in government we talk about how some leaders think Hitler was a pretty cool guy. i think we might have also discussed foreign affairs but whatever.

6th – trig is always great beucase i know what is going on and i only half pay attention. yay my math amazingness.

7th – a health test on drugs. amazingly it was on the difficult side.

8th – we took a test on the Seven Wonders of the world.


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