1st – new seats but not really in physics and learning about vectors which i think might actually be fun.
2nd – study hall and working on english homework and after i finished that physics homework, and after that reading.
3rd – played some music in band and the cork is falling off my reed. UGH!
Lunch – food, talking, and good times.
4th – finally being finished with The Jungle is the greatest pleasure i have ever had. seriously. the fact that no on else had it finished only added to my joy.
5th – test on the President’s cabinet in government. fun times at failing.
6th – working on graphing calculators makes my life a little better beucas eyou can type on them and make fun shapes.
7th – lifestyle diseases in health. so fun times. fun times.
8th – 15 minute review on everything i already know about Hindus and Buddhists.
Home – watched tv. went on a walk with Monica. and drove (all by myself. i am now liscensed) to Clare’s house to watch Smoking Aces. That movie was pretty freaking fun. seriously.


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