i really don’t think i am liking this whole “Xanga Themes” shit.

1st – i was in the physics mood. dont ask why. it just happened naturally.
2nd – writing notes and reading Baby Be-Bop
3rd – i didnt have to play in band becuase of my finger and i talked to Nacho. Double win.
Lunch – i kept looking at Nacho and he kept looking back.
4th – while the teacher is away, the students will play and speak pig latin.
5th – listened to the teacher complain about every aspect of government.
6th – did math book problems.
7th – learned about cancer and heard about how we are getting free cancer related things tomorrow in health?
8th – listened to the teacher complain about 9-11 and how it will all happen again.
Home – dying my bangs purple (not sure if i like it though because i didnt bleach my hair first beucase i am not allowed to dye my hair purple), some cultures work, some Viva Pinata, some reading, here.


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  1. I don’t like xanga themes really, either.And, you’ll have to take a picture of your hair!!!RYC: That was actually the same boy; Gaspard Ulliel. He’s a French actor and he is SO hot. I’d do him.

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