thanks everyone. i went to the doctor’s and she prescribed me drugs. my CatScan went well but we wont know the results until… Thursdayish? and i need to tell my mom to pick up some cranberry juice when she picks up my drugs.


when my life falls apart, it falls apart good.
i have a cold’flu, my ear pain is getting back up there on the charts, and i have some kind of vaginal pain that really hurts when i pee therefore i have peed once today.

so i slept for about an hour last night. therefore i woke up at 2 for my doctor’s appointment at 9. we get there and the doctor doesnt show up until about 9:20. Yes, 20 minutes late because my time isnt important. So they start in with this funnel to put the numbing drops in. It is too big for my small ear canal so it really really hurt and i started crying. He stopped and let me compase myself but still used the giant funnel.The numbing drops burned like a mother but whatever because he only used about a million. Then, with the funnel still in my ear, he punctured the ear drum for the tube. He asked if it felt better but it didn’t. I told him it did considering my pain was shock related and stuff. So the tube goes in. This whole time i am like… crying. So then we go to the Mills and i got a new calander and hampster cage. Fun stuff. Home was just a nap and some Guitar Hero. Then i went to Clare’s around 4ish. Clare gave me sparkling grape juice and a polaroid camera. Sheila gave me 4 records which are all pretty sweet. Kim gave me shoe laces and a seahorse necklace. We played two games of Clue and watched The Pebble and The Penguin. Came home early because my ears are killing me. I was crying from pain and defeat on the way home to Error Operator. Then i watched 4 episodes of Saiyuki. and i am soon going to bed.

i am going to say… today fails a little bit.

Merry Christmas to all.
Yesterday we celebrated christmas with my dad’s side of the family and i got the new Harry Potter movie and the new Post Secret Book.
Last night i couldnt sleep because my ears and i am sick. like flu or cold. and for christmas? i blame the weather.
but today i got a laptop, accessories for that, some clothes, and some smelly stuff. all in all. i am pretty happy.
i am leaving here in about an hour for christmas with my mom’s side of the family.
Tomorrow i plan on having the twins down for christmas gift exchange and video games until we’re bored (or hungry. which ever comes first).
Thursday i get the tubes in my ear. my appointment is for 9 am.
thursday or friday i get to christmas party it up (depending on how me and my ears are feeling).
saturday is… well… i guess homework day. i have to read a book and i chose Life, The Universe, and Everything which is a book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series so it isnt bad homework just… i dont want to do it when i feel like crap.
Sunday is more homework i guess.
Monday is partying it up for the new year.
Tuesday is sleep and finishing my homework.

i hate that my life is just that predictable.

 well school is officially out until the new year.
today i basically shopped and crafted.
tomorrow i might see Sweeny Todd and shop.
Monday is going to the grandparents for Christmas Eve celebration.
Tuesday is Christmas and going to Grandma’s to celebrate with the other half of the family.
Wednesday is loafing around the house.
Thursday is tubes put in ears and possibly a christmas party.
friday is possibly a christmas party.
and that is as far as my life is planned.

Patrick Stump:

today was a pretty good day.

for the morning i had a french toast physics party that lasted about an hour and a half. then the girl i really really hate got told off my the teacher in band so i was extrememly happy and my day went downhill form there. at lunch they talked about english. in english we had a crazy hard test. in 5th i did a worksheet and then 6th-8th was all english talk and talk about the snowball. the snowball was supposed to be tomorrow but because we are supposed to get the ice storm finally, they postponed it so everyone was pissed. it made me kinda glad that i turned Cooper down when he asked me to go with him. i came home and worked on Christmas presents and now i will eat, nap, and work on christmas presents until i am 90% done.

because he is just so damned gorgeous,
another picture of Patrick (the) Stump:

 today was a good day. even though i realized that the world makes me cynical today i also realized there are a few people that make my days good.

and now, because i feel like it:
Patrick Stump