so yesterday i had doctor’s appointments because of my finger to get the stitches out and to find out what is wrong with my ear. the stitch removal went wonderfully. i am now stitch free. for my ears though, they still dont know what is wrong with them so i was given trials of Nasonex and Clarinex. both make me terribly nauseaded so that isnt good and i still need to tell my mom this. School went on then. and then Concert band concert. it went wonderfully. i looked wonderful. it was all just wonderful. and i camerawhored it up because… i love wearing dresses.


Today was not so wonderful. i felt sick all day from my medicine.
1st – i wasnt in class because i was collecting money for the Adopt-A-Family program thing.
TEST! – Benchmark Tests. those horrible tests that tell you if you need tutoring.
2nd – i worked on the yearbook… all by myself when there were 2 other yearbook people there doing nothing
3rd – sat on the floor while handing in concert music.
LUNCH! – i believe i hated it because they discussed english.
4th – my whole english class is a group of hypocritical jerks. seriously. you all make me so freaking angry.
5th – was learning about communism but then the asses in teh corner made Slagle angry so he stopped teaching
6th – took a math test but my class had to have examples on how to do all of it before becuase they never ever ever pay attention
7th – found out about the marriage restrictions in Pennsylvania. fun times. no marrying cousins here.
8th – worked by myself on packet. and i guess i am a bitch because i said something about my hypocritical english class and i hate God because i hate christmas carols. i don’t know. yes i might be athiest but i never say anything about it. i actually ask a lot of questions concerning religion. i find it fascinating but not for me.
Home – Viva Pinata, now i must get a shower then read All My Sons for english.


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