today was a pretty good day.

for the morning i had a french toast physics party that lasted about an hour and a half. then the girl i really really hate got told off my the teacher in band so i was extrememly happy and my day went downhill form there. at lunch they talked about english. in english we had a crazy hard test. in 5th i did a worksheet and then 6th-8th was all english talk and talk about the snowball. the snowball was supposed to be tomorrow but because we are supposed to get the ice storm finally, they postponed it so everyone was pissed. it made me kinda glad that i turned Cooper down when he asked me to go with him. i came home and worked on Christmas presents and now i will eat, nap, and work on christmas presents until i am 90% done.

because he is just so damned gorgeous,
another picture of Patrick (the) Stump:


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  1. that’s stupid that they postponed the dance; we’re not even sure if the stupid ice storm is going to hit us or not, I thought!! Argh – stupid schools.I hope your weekend is amazing <3.

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