Merry Christmas to all.
Yesterday we celebrated christmas with my dad’s side of the family and i got the new Harry Potter movie and the new Post Secret Book.
Last night i couldnt sleep because my ears and i am sick. like flu or cold. and for christmas? i blame the weather.
but today i got a laptop, accessories for that, some clothes, and some smelly stuff. all in all. i am pretty happy.
i am leaving here in about an hour for christmas with my mom’s side of the family.
Tomorrow i plan on having the twins down for christmas gift exchange and video games until we’re bored (or hungry. which ever comes first).
Thursday i get the tubes in my ear. my appointment is for 9 am.
thursday or friday i get to christmas party it up (depending on how me and my ears are feeling).
saturday is… well… i guess homework day. i have to read a book and i chose Life, The Universe, and Everything which is a book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series so it isnt bad homework just… i dont want to do it when i feel like crap.
Sunday is more homework i guess.
Monday is partying it up for the new year.
Tuesday is sleep and finishing my homework.

i hate that my life is just that predictable.


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  1. RYC: It WAS the horrible side, so I only stayed for like 30 minutes or so. I was taught how to play a drinking game. hahaha… it was dece, but it could have been better/worse.

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