so i slept for about an hour last night. therefore i woke up at 2 for my doctor’s appointment at 9. we get there and the doctor doesnt show up until about 9:20. Yes, 20 minutes late because my time isnt important. So they start in with this funnel to put the numbing drops in. It is too big for my small ear canal so it really really hurt and i started crying. He stopped and let me compase myself but still used the giant funnel.The numbing drops burned like a mother but whatever because he only used about a million. Then, with the funnel still in my ear, he punctured the ear drum for the tube. He asked if it felt better but it didn’t. I told him it did considering my pain was shock related and stuff. So the tube goes in. This whole time i am like… crying. So then we go to the Mills and i got a new calander and hampster cage. Fun stuff. Home was just a nap and some Guitar Hero. Then i went to Clare’s around 4ish. Clare gave me sparkling grape juice and a polaroid camera. Sheila gave me 4 records which are all pretty sweet. Kim gave me shoe laces and a seahorse necklace. We played two games of Clue and watched The Pebble and The Penguin. Came home early because my ears are killing me. I was crying from pain and defeat on the way home to Error Operator. Then i watched 4 episodes of Saiyuki. and i am soon going to bed.

i am going to say… today fails a little bit.


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  1. That really blows. They’ve contemplated putting tubes in my ears, too, but now that I’ve read your story… NO THANKS! Go see Juno at the Mills! You’ll ❤ it. I hope you feel better soon, Megs.

  2. RYC: Argh! haha. I (apparently) have an estachian (sp?) tube deficiancy. He doesn’t want to give me tubes – that’s a last resort. It doesn’t always hurt, but it’s always uncomfortable. *sigh* Oh well. And, it’s BAD that Aaron got kicked out of University because, well, it is. I was banking on FAFSA for college because I figure if there are TWO college kids, I should get some. And now it’s like a 99.9999% chance of getting big fat $0 from Uncle Sam. It’s so stupid. Besides, all the money that he’s wasted on his education could have been saved for MY education, and that’s frustrating.I hope that you get to see Juno!! :)haha – and this Mini made me laugh, so I HAD to use it.

  3. haha, that’s good at any rate.Mine just have an uncomfortable pressure in them; they were like this for nine months last year and I got on a plane and it fixed it. For the past month and a half – two months, they’ve been acting up again. The doctor can’t do anything about it, either, since it’s like internal and not an infection or anything. Stupid doctors. 🙂

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