well i really wanted to go see Juno for a second time tonight. I can’t because: the weather is supposed to get bad, i don’t have enough experience (even though it is a straight road and well marked ramps and exits), and that pain in my ear… yea it basically won’t stop. The pain actually started escalating today in school and i was like “what the hell?”.

Today was ok i guess for a Friday. Physics… ugh. English… can burn in Hell except i promise to take Shenin down. Too bad i am too tired to start my reading tonight… but i must so i can stick to my schedule. I need to run to Wal*Mart to get a few supplies for life and the week coming up. I got the Juno soundtrack today in the mail. It is as good as i remember. And really cute too. I love it basically.

Now to update my icon xanga…. eventually.


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