i went to the Pittsburgh College Fair today AND i have some good news for you Jena.

i might be going to Clarion!

that is about all i have to say.
please and thank you.


my ears are not TMJ. i went to a pediatrician, dentist, and chiropractor and they all said not TMJ. my ear specialist confirmed it. there is still a .01% chance that it is but most likely not. they are saying it is neurological. i might be getting a job at A&W and that is about all that is happening in my life.

so i am almost done pimping out my new typewriter for a Craftster Challenge and for all of the supplies, i spent roughly $10. so i will post pictures of one of the coolest typewriters ever for under $15. That should be within a few hours. but deffinately by tonight.

i am getting out of AP English.

and my ears hurt when i breath.

Today we had an Ice Day. I basically cleaned and transfered Spanish notes all day long. Its ok though. It makes my life ready for change. Day of Silence is now starting to get me excited. Only a few days short of 3 months away. For this to be organized, me and my commitee need to start planning. The time for change is now people. Tomorrow morning i have my IUP/ARIN Mentorship program class. I am hoping that i get to drive myself but i don’t know. It would be awesome because then i would get to have a jam session in the car for all 80 minutes of the round trip and a stop at the local thrift store. Hells yeah! And on a random note, i had the most balanced meal of my life ever today.