no one should have to face their own mortality.
especially not at the expense of a classmate.
that is what the whole Class of 2009 Ford City High School had to do today.

Ford City Devastated By Deadly Crash

MANOR TWP. (KDKA) ― An early morning accident that killed a Ford City High School student and injured three other people, including two students, sent shockwaves throughout the community.

Shawna Petrosky, 17, a junior, was killed when her Cavalier crashed with a truck carrying coils on Main Street (Route 66) and Pleasantview Drive.

Her brother Eric, and cousin, Greg Heeter, both 14, were injured. Both were taken to Children’s Hospital. Eric is in fair conditon while Brian is listed in serious conditon.

The truck driver, Sam Libengood, 44, of Saltsburg, was also hurt and flown to a local hospital.

Petrosky, a cheerleader, was well-known and loved in the community.  As word of her death spread, it rocked the tight-knit school.

“Teachers are having a difficult time with it, students – it’s just a sad day at Ford City right now,” Principal Michael Cominos said.  “We’re going to try to move on as normal as we can but it’s going to take time to become normal again.

“I don’t think you go through a loss like this on losing a beautiful girl like Shawna and not have it affect you for a while,” he added.

Petrosky’s brother, nicknamed “Bubba” and her cousin, Greg, played for the city’s youth football team and other sports.  One of their closest friends saw the wreckage.

“Well I saw the car smashed whenever I was coming to school this morning and … I didn’t know who it was because I couldn’t see anybody of course because the car was completely caved in,” Brad Peltz said.  “I played baseball and All-Stars with them my entire life and it’s just that it was a huge surprise and just the fact of it. 

“The other two boys are coming out OK, that they’re alright and just to hear about Shawna, just, it breaks your heart,” he said.

RIP Shawna
your number came up too soon.