oh hi life. why do you suck?

so i wasn’t aware until i read a fellow classmate’s away message but it has been one month since Shawna Petrowsky passed away. I feel bad because i wasn’t aware. i always just associate wednesdays with her. Every wednesday on the bus ride home i am like “three weeks without Shawna” and i know when it is one year i won’t even realize because it will be on a thursday. the world plays cruel tricks and this is just one of them. I bet her and Steve Irwin are just waiting to pop out of their hiding places to give us all a scare/laugh.

in a bit better news. well not really. my ears have been acting up so bad this week i only made it to school for one day and two hours. thursday (my full day) i went and then worked afterwards. after work i had to go to the ER to get muscle relaxant shots to help me sleep because it hurt when i breathed. yay. and then friday i was deferred to give blood at the school blood drive when that was the only reason i went to school. i went to school late that day. was at the blood drive for two hours and then left school early due to my ears.

all in all: this week sucked ass.


it feels like forever since i updated but in reality it has only been about two and a half weeks. time has been moving so fast yet so slow at the same time. Shawna is still dead and that is still really weird but everyone has kind of fallen back into their little rut of life so i guess there isn’t much you can do.

for the past week i have been working on our school’s play. We are performing “Three Fairy Godmothers” Its a children’s play or something. i just know i am running sound and tomorrow are the last two performances so i will be at the school for 8 hours and then a pparty afterwards maybe.

my Panic At The Disco CD finally came. I have gotten two spinal taps. got asked to the Prom. and that is about all my life has been for the past two weeks.