oh hi life. why do you suck?

so i wasn’t aware until i read a fellow classmate’s away message but it has been one month since Shawna Petrowsky passed away. I feel bad because i wasn’t aware. i always just associate wednesdays with her. Every wednesday on the bus ride home i am like “three weeks without Shawna” and i know when it is one year i won’t even realize because it will be on a thursday. the world plays cruel tricks and this is just one of them. I bet her and Steve Irwin are just waiting to pop out of their hiding places to give us all a scare/laugh.

in a bit better news. well not really. my ears have been acting up so bad this week i only made it to school for one day and two hours. thursday (my full day) i went and then worked afterwards. after work i had to go to the ER to get muscle relaxant shots to help me sleep because it hurt when i breathed. yay. and then friday i was deferred to give blood at the school blood drive when that was the only reason i went to school. i went to school late that day. was at the blood drive for two hours and then left school early due to my ears.

all in all: this week sucked ass.


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