so i guess i said something about updating after prom?

that was almost two weeks ago.
i didn’t get many pictures.
and none with my date?

but it was an amazing time.
pictures now. all the ones i took.

Me and the best friend, Clare

Me and Allison, the other best friend

Allison’s Date, Shawn, and I

Allison and Shawn

Me and Kim. I love Kim.

Clarissa and I. She isn’t crazy. i promise

Mary and I. Green Physics buddies?

Future Husband James and I.
seriously. i love him so much and he hates me.

My date, Cooper, Mr. Slagle, and the Prom King, Noah

one week until the prom and i am completely ready (sorry it isnt the case for you).
because of gym and me being hardcore and participating i have dropped like 5lbs and started my period just in time for it to be done for the band concert and prom.
umm… work is going pretty great.

i guess the next time i update will be after prom and i will have pictures and whatnot.