another update? it’s a miracle.

since i last updated, the only thing really to change is i really really want to go to Chicago and i bought a 4GB Zune. It’s pretty awesome. and i talked my parents, some how magically, to give me a trip instead of a party whenever i graduate? i plan on going to Chicago for a week. i’m so excited. oh and, instead of all turquoise hair, i am just getting turquoise and sunset yellow tips. yay.


i keep saying i am going to update this and then never do.

life isn’t too interesting at the moment.
i have work and summer.
summer brings depression. i truely think it does.
i’m angry at Pitt and PennState because Pitt told my bestest guy friend, James, that he was not good enough to join their ranks. Pitt has been his dream school since 8th grade and we are going on to be seniors if that gives a length of time. PennState fits in because i can see Pitt and PennState (represented by rich, no good, dirty people) at a bar laughing at all the dreams they killed. i see it and it makes me angry because i have such high hopes and so many dreams in life that i don’t want to see them crushed before my eyes.

James. seriously. what evil anything would turn that down?
(most recent picture of him is us at the Prom)

that is my mini rant thing for the now.

i’m so proud of you.