Open your song library in a music player.
Put it on shuffle and hit play.
For each question, type the song that’s playing and hit next.
Don’t try to play it cool and lie about the answers!

Opening Credits: “Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do” – Fall Out Boy

Waking Up: Boys! Grab Your Guns – My American Heart

First Day at School: I Write B Movies – June

Falling in Love: Lover I Don’t Have To Love – Bright Eyes
– bwahahaha. that is hilarious. maybe its the lack of sleep…

Sexy Scene: Antonia – Motion City Soundtrack

Fight Song: Simple Living – Gym Class Heroes
– “simple living is a bitch but damn i do it well”. if its my usual fights. that works.

Breaking Up: Number Five With A Bullet – Taking Back Sunday
– “we’re gonna die like this you know. miserable and old”

Party: Saturday – Fall Out Boy

Life: Pretty Fly – The Offspring

Mental Breakdown: Everything’s Just Wonderful
– “it seems to me that everyone is going mental”. perfect song for losing your mind.

Driving: Absolution – The Academy Is…

Flashback: You Know Who You Are – E for Explosion

Wedding: Saving Lives – E for Explosion

Birth of a Child: I’m Like A Lawyer, the Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off – Fall Out Boy

Final Battle: Don’t Speak Liar – We the Kings
– that could fit for a final battle. if its a verbal fight?

Death Scene: Me, You, and My Medication – Boys Like Girls
– drug overdose? i think so. but then again, who says i’m going to die?

Funeral Song: This Photograph Is Proof – Taking Back Sunday

End Credits: Reinventing The Wheel to Run Myself Over With – Fall Out Boy


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