gosh i go long period where i don’t update and then i update like crazy and then it stops.

ummm. new things… i got a new Hamster. i still don’t know what to name it. i am leaning towards Travis even though i am pretty sure it is a girl. band has been going good i guess. there is drum major drama but that can only be accepted.

i am missing my summer camp from last year. PFEW. i was stalking Facebook today and found a picture of my company. you can barely see me because i am way in the back. i miss my company and the camp and the experience. i really wish i would have signed up again for it this year. maybe i can be a camp counselor next year.

work is going good. friends are going good. life is generally good. the love life is still non-existent except i guess this one girl i can’t stand, her brother, called me hott? i only know this because he was walking around Heritage Days with one of my friends and he told her and she told me.

i just preordered the new The Academy Is… cd Fast Times at Barrington High. the single off of it, About A Girl, is pretty rad.

i end the post with my company. Company B-3 aka Revolution of PFEW Week 3 2007.
the picture was taken the day of our presentation. that is why we all look so spiffy. i was on the financial team.
the one in the sports coat on the right, front row, was my friend at the camp. i miss him. he made me laugh. i may have developed a small crush on him. maybe…


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