so tomorrow marks the end of summer, the end of band camp, the end of boredom.
and you know what? i’m hella hella excited.
i can’t wait for my senior year of high school.
my schedule is still hella screwed up.
i seriously have like one class with my best friend. how messed up is that.

tomorrow i have a doctor’s appointment (for my ears. still) in Pittsburgh and the Mills is on the way.
i think i might con my mom into one more school shopping trip.
maybe shopping in Forever 21 and Charlotte Rouse.
maybe even a second piercing in my ear if i’m lucky? but maybe after the doctor’s appointment.

band has been crazy.
the new director kind of sucks hardcore.
he let us have a balloon fight today but i had to plan the whole thing and fill all the balloons.
i had to fill all the balloons (close to 200) and i only got to throw about 20 because he decided that everyone was going to be allowed to participate.

i’ll probably update tomorrow about my ears.
now to leave you with the cutest picture of William Beckett ever.
i know the pictures are normally my life or Fall Out Boy but whatever.



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