i have literally been sick all week.
i only made it through one full day of school.
one fully missed day and 3 half a days.

i have also been angsty all week.
i’m guessing it had something to do with losing my Zune.
but i found that last night.

i’m to work today.
i’m supposed to work 5 – 10:30 but they called me around 9:30 and were like “Can you come in for noon and we’ll figure it out from there? the one opener just never showed up” so i get all ready adn they call around 10:45 saying they don’t need me anymore and to just come in for my normal shift.
normal shift it is then.

and finally, the happiest bit of news i have:
Fall Out Boy made a new music video.
its for their single off of Folie A Duex:
“I Don’t Care”
basically it’s pretty amazing.



haven’t updated in a while…

school is going ok i guess for being a senior and all
basically it isn’t much different from last year other then being allowed to go outside for lunch.
and being able to be late for class by like a few seconds and the teachers not caring.

work is good i guess too.
i have been getting so many hours.
it sucks.
i barely get to see my friends and family.
this morning i worked in the kitchen and now my arms are burnt as a result.

my ears.
they are the same as they have always been.

i’m texting you soon Jena.
i just remembered that i was supposed to do that earlier this week.


an update has been a long time coming. since i don’t think i have updated since before school started, i’ll do a schedule run down?

1st – TV Production. I have been running the mixer for the morning announcements for the past week. Next week i get to direct and the week after that i am announcing.

2nd – band. i don’t feel like going there except i am switching over to bass clarinet sometime next week i believe.

3rd – CP English and we have been learning about the Celts and free writes and a bunch of other Englishy things.

4th – Contemporary Social Issues. basically its a current events class. i don’t like current events. they are too real.

5th – Word/ Powerpoint class. Its easy. I get done like a week ahead of everyone else then work on yearbook stuff.

lunch – i am one of like 8 seniors in this lunch. after we eat, we are permitted to go outside. fun times.

6th – Calculus. i just bombed a review test because the first two weeks of school, when we were reviewing i was dog tired and i actually fell asleep several times during the test.

7th – AP Econ. its an ok class i guess. i don’t quite enjoy/care/understand Econ but its cool.

8th – Gym. enough said.

we just finished up the third week of school and got back senior personalities. I won prettiest hair. I’m cool with that. just its a little up in the air as to whether it is meant to be a joke or not.