i have literally been sick all week.
i only made it through one full day of school.
one fully missed day and 3 half a days.

i have also been angsty all week.
i’m guessing it had something to do with losing my Zune.
but i found that last night.

i’m to work today.
i’m supposed to work 5 – 10:30 but they called me around 9:30 and were like “Can you come in for noon and we’ll figure it out from there? the one opener just never showed up” so i get all ready adn they call around 10:45 saying they don’t need me anymore and to just come in for my normal shift.
normal shift it is then.

and finally, the happiest bit of news i have:
Fall Out Boy made a new music video.
its for their single off of Folie A Duex:
“I Don’t Care”
basically it’s pretty amazing.



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  1. I hope you feel better! Being sick is NO fun. 😦 I’m home this weekend (I’m leaving to go back to my apartment at 930/945 am sunday though).And, I’ll eventually have to check out that new music video! :Dtake care!

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