Small random update time?
i think so.

its a tuesday and we have no school tomorrow.
as a result, me, clare, and kari are going shopping.
and i am getting more guages, possibly a camcorder?, and The Cab’s CD.

and now i have a stock pile of Fall Out Boy pictures so i should probably update more to use them all up.

and yes. i do know Patrick is a total stud muffin.
seriously. i’d marry him.
in a freaking heartbeat.

Fall Out Boy = My Penguins


After getting off of a not too bad day at work, and getting McDonald’s (which i have yet to finish), i have some absolutely crazy amazing news.

PostSecret Event/CLARION!!! Is 100% GO!!!!!
shall we freak out now? or later in unison?

cutest picture of Pete. Ever.

check protected, all of you whom that applies to.


sorry Jena. I wasn’t aware you wern’t on the list but you are now and thank you.
By the way, Thursday = PostSecret = I’m pretty much planning on being there hardcore.
AND October 25th is Clarion open house. Guess who is going.