check protected, all of you whom that applies to.


sorry Jena. I wasn’t aware you wern’t on the list but you are now and thank you.
By the way, Thursday = PostSecret = I’m pretty much planning on being there hardcore.
AND October 25th is Clarion open house. Guess who is going.


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  1. haha, it’s all good.OKAY! Postsecret. Apparently they’re not giving out tickets (I’ve been to UAB twice now and I want to hit them!) so I’d get here kinda early? If you need somewhere to hang, you can text me/call me. I get done at like… 315ish. and then I have young Dem’s at night, but I can either skip/you can go with if you want since it’s on campus and I’d have to be on campus for postsecret anyway. And my guess is you!!and I’ll actually be here that weekend. 🙂 I’m coming home this weekend and halloween weekend (I’m taking adam’s nephew trick or treating) and yeahh. 🙂 but, you’ve got my # and you can text/call whenever you want.Uhhmm. Oh. about protected, I’m sorry that you’re going through that. I hope everything works out. <3xo.sorry for the comment that’s longer than your post, btw. I’m just excited.

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