After getting off of a not too bad day at work, and getting McDonald’s (which i have yet to finish), i have some absolutely crazy amazing news.

PostSecret Event/CLARION!!! Is 100% GO!!!!!
shall we freak out now? or later in unison?

cutest picture of Pete. Ever.


3 thoughts on “

  1. I shall call ashley around 5ish? and see what the seating looks like. If it’s not bad, I’ll get her to grab a couple seats (how many people are you coming with) and such and do wal-mart (i’ll text you when I know what’s going on. If you don’t hear from me at like 5:15, text me?). But, Gemmell is pretty hard to miss. It’s just the big student union building. the mpr is on the second floor, by the entrance ramp (if you come in on the side that has the option to go to the lower level or upper level).

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