i haven’t updated in forever. but seeing as the only ones who really read this go to Clarion, i figured i would let you in on a few secrets.

1. Saturday (yes this saturday!) i will be on the Clarion Campus to watch the District Band concert. Its at 2 so i will be there deffinately by 1:30 if not 1. and i don’t have to be (that i know of yet) for any certain reason so… if you are going to be there, lets chill?

2. Although i was accepted to Clarion, i am going to Edinboro. sorry.

thats all. obligatory Fall Out Boy Picture


speaking of Fall Out Boy, i’m going to DC to see them in April!!!


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  1. I’ll be up here this weekend. If you want to meet up after the concertish thing, let me know… you’ve got my number. I think my mom is coming up in the AM, but she should be gone by the afternoon/evening. It’s all play by ear, since no one wants to tell me what’s going on. lol.Have fun at Edinboro! It’s hella cold there. Just sayin’. ;)xo

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