it has been like… 2 months? i fail at xanga but win at vox.

nothing really has changed. prom is in less then a month. my dress and date are super cute. The date’s name is Zane by the way.
i’m still single as the day i was born, but my friends think this one kid has a huge crush on me. i say its just his personality but he always asks about me and worries about me.

i had surgery on my right ear. they cut the two nerves that control pain. it only half worked and i have no taste buds on the right side of my mouth. this summer they might do the other ear but keep the taste bud nerve intact.

i am learning all about the body in advanced health. it won’t help me ever considering i am not going into the medical field but ask me where the maxilla is and i can point it out along with the zygomatic bone. basically i rape at that class minus the wrist. the wrist is a bitch.

we just went to a TVT festival (TVT = TV Production) that i entered a mockumentary into. they chose 5 winners and mine wasn’t one of them. i think i might take my laptop to school monday and load it onto youtube or something so i can show people. it was on a local legend of Reuben’s grave (crazy haunted graveyard/school house).

i am not going to see Fall Out Boy. Not in April, not in May, not on this tour. i think i can pull through for one to two more years.

i am deffinately going to Edinboro in the fall. I know nothing about anything but i do know i’m going.

my ears now have a second piercing in them. i have only waited about 10 years but they are finally there. and i did stop guaging them.

i turned 18 today (april 18th). Best Friend Clare and I went to the Mills and to Ross Park Mall. we discussed xanga and icon sites and i realized i haven’t updated any of my xangas in forever. that is the main thing for this post. tomorrow i might go get a tattoo, but i kind of doubt it.

and i saw the Watchmen movie and am kind of obsessed. My brother got me the graphic novel for my birthday and i started reading it. its rather awesome.

now i shall post pictures: My prom dress, my prom date, and obligatory Fall Out Boy.



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