so after updating this xanga last time, i also updated my icon one. then i realized, i really loved my icon xanga’s layout (i half made it) so i updated this one and made the side bars different. my myspace has the same background, too. i just love it. 

now i’m going to do a normal update. like i used to back in the day.

1st – TV Production. I sat there and drank my Red Bull because there is really nothing to do until atleast Friday. Maybe i will try making a video for fun tomorrow. i’ll have to find a study hall to use though…

2nd – Band. I hate band. and Mr. Venesky. our concert is coming up soon and we still suck because he doesn’t believe in us. I honestly never thought i would say this but i miss Mr. Cramer.

3rd – CP English. We started Macbeth last week so we are still going with that. Nothing too interesting has happened yet. I also got my crown back and i was going to wear it tomorrow, but then it broke.

LUNCH! – Yes. i eat lunch at 10 in the morning. gah! i had Pizza Hut today and it was pretty delicious.

4th – Advanced Public Speaking. We are doing plays in that class (its a class of 3. me and two guys). Once we have it good enough, like next week, we are going to the catholic school to perform. that reminds me that i need to grab props for tomorrow.

5th – Study Hall. I was supposed to go down to film lunch but then i forgot. So i worked on scholarships, Calc, and Advanced Public Speaking.

6th – Calculus. We worked on problems and i have no clue what i was doing. And Matt Shanty was being a doll about distracting me while James was helping me without my asking. Pretty sure they both love me. (Pictures of both at bottom?)

7th – AP Econ. Its an online course so the class is pretty much a study hall. But for SLOP i had to go do an assembly on abusive relationships for the 7th and 8th graders.

8th – Advanced Health. In this class we learn about the skeleton and muscles. Currently, i could probably tell you over 75% of the bones in the body. Especially the maxilla. This is basically an advanced coloring class becuase our “text books” are actually coloring books that we get points for coloring. Bad ass right?

Out of these 8 classes, i only need 3 of them to graduate. its ridiculous.

AFTER SCHOOL! – We had the NHS induction ceremony tonight. I had to go to that and it was ok. Then a few of us went to Taco Bell afterward. woot woot.

Matt Shanty and I.

James and I.

Fall Out Boy obligatory-ness.


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  1. i like the layout! πŸ™‚ I hope you start updating more often. I miss you. I already told you that. xD You looked really pretty in those pictures! πŸ™‚ Are you happy that school is winding down a bit?

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