Hello Xanga world. i swear i neglect this more and more as time goes on.

so i started with a xanga is 8th grade. I just looked and my oldest post on this name is 8-2-05. So i guess my 4 year anniversary just passed as lilbandade. I did have a xanga before this that lasted for about 3 months maybe? On the onlygirls forum, the 2nd one, i have been a member for over 3 years (5-20-06) but if you count the original onlygirls forum, it was probably closer to 4 years than 3. On the co-ed forums, i have been a member for over 3 years (7-18-06). I am just stating all of this because, as i finish my first full week of college, i wonder where time went. It doesn’t seem like these sites have been that big a part of my life, but they are.

over the summer the only other major thing was going to the Beach with BFF Clare and her family. I would post pictures but i am way too tired.

I came up to Edinboro on September 23rd, a sunday, for marching band. I had a full week of band camp. It made me super tired and probably weakened my immune system just because we marched in bad conditions and got very little sleep or breaks. We ended the week with a football game which we won.

Classes started Monday. All of my professors are pretty awesome and the class load/work isn’t too bad yet. I really like the campus and i think that is about it. Sorry i don’t have much to update on that.

We just finished a football game today. In full wool uniforms with very little water. I’m thinking of laying down for a little power nap and then going to the gym to work out/read. And tomorrow Miawna (my roommate), Kayla (my band camp roommate/friend), and myself are going back to good old Ford City for the day to get things i forgot.

i end with a picture of myself and, of course, one of Fall Out Boy.



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