ok, so we have this thing for all the freshmen every Tuesday called Common Hour. Basically, the freshmen meet with all the other freshmen in their major. Every other Tuesday, we have a joint one that is all the freshmen. Today was the joint one and it was a career fair. But it was basically just deciding on a minor. I found out there is a Cinema minor. I was so excited and i grabbed the book to check the code so i could declare. In the book it said you have to be an Art Major to have a Cinema minor. So I either have to change to an Art Major but i’m not good enough. If you could declare yarn as a medium, I might have a fighting chance but i’m pretty sure that isn’t one. The other way is seeing the Dean of the Liberal Arts School. i am going to go do that after class.


Picture from Believer’s Never Die Tour


college life has been going rather well.
i don’t have much to update on.
other then i was just drunken texted by my crush.
asking to hang out at 1 in the morning.

now some pictures of college.

that i would upload but it won’t let me.

if you want to see dailyish pictures of whats going down, i have a dailybooth account that i get updated pretty much daily.
here it is: http://dailybooth.com/clandestine

i can’t even add a Fall Out Boy picture.