sorry for not keeping tabs after my freak out.

the resolution for that freak out turned out to be changing my major. I am now an art major, specifically an Applied Media Arts Major with a concentration in Cinema. Isn’t that exciting? Scheduling for next semester starts… well, it started today but i can’t yet because I am a freshman. Tomorrow I might attempt a meeting with my advisor.

tomorrow brings me to another point. Marching Band is done. done done done! Now, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays my classes are done by 1pm. exciting, no? well, Friday is the last day of band but its a “banquet” so it doesn’t really count. Like we don’t have to be there. But tomorrow, I am done after history.

next order of business, the month of November I am writing a novel. Don’t ask what its about or anything about it because even I don’t know. I haven’t started it. Major fail. I will keep you updated. Look up NaNoWriMo if you want in on the novel writing action.

and finally, my laptop died. I accidentally spilled milk on it and the motherboard got wet/ruined. My parents bought me a new one but currently it is only mine temporarily. For Christmas, i am supposed to get a Mac because it is the suggested computer for my major but my dad is all on the fence. I might buy this one from my parents or buy the Mac soon for myself. its up in the air but whatevers.

so far in college, i have 3 B’s, a C+, and a C (but i think its a C+ but the teacher hasn’t added +’s and -‘s). umm… i am doing my laundry and dishes today and my cleaning tomorrow. possibly the fish’s bowl tonight. and starting today, i am going to the gym and drinking 8+ glasses of water everyday. go me! but its only because i have gained 10 of the Freshmen 15 and i will not have that going any further.

i don’t have a new Fall Out Boy picture so…
me and my gay best friend in Wal*Mart from monday.