i feel like i should re-design my xanga, but i really love this one.
i have the same background on this, my twitter, and myspace because its so fun.
color wise though i’m now really into yellow, red, and turquoise.
oh dilema.

so with school, after tomorrow, i have a week of regular classes and then finals week which doesn’t start for me personally until Tuesday and i only have one final per day. i win so hard.

i can’t wait until next semester though.
i’m taking 2-D design, 3-D design, finite math, research english, my video production class, and an art history class that is into to video or something? 4 of 6 classes are art.

and my final order of business:
Calling All Bloggers!
I am thinking of starting a legit blog and was looking for people to collaborate with me.
I have gone so far into thinking this out that i only know i want another one or two people on board with me.
If interested, please message me or i guess comment and we can discuss details?


its currently 2am-ish and i need to get to bed.
i will do a better update later tomorrow.


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