i feel like i’m just updating everything today. my other xanga, my vox, soon I’ll update my icon xanga (either tonight or tomorrow), and I might even tweet and update my facebook status. Anyway, there is a reason to this other than bragging about how ontop of the internet i am, i swear.

today started finals week! i personally didn’t have a final today but i did have one on friday and i do have one everyday of the week now.

Friday was my Psychology of Communication final and now i am done. I think i will get a B in that class only because my two tests prior to this were C+’s and I got an A on my portfolio and i feel i did well on my final test.

Tomorrow, or Tuesday, i have my Public Speaking final. I’ll either get an A or B for the year. I’m pretty sure i have an A in the class now so it all depends on how this final goes. I plan on sleeping on my book as my form of studying because i am rather apathetic to what grade i get in that class. I could get a D and it would still count towards my credits.

Wednesday is my History final. I’ll have a B in there. My final isn’t cumulative and 75% of the notes i actually have to re-write them off of the random pieces of paper into my history notebook. I’ll sleep on that notebook but not my book.

Thursday is an 8am test and its for English. Its all grammar. I’ll get an A on that probably but a B for the year. It happens and I don’t care because that is still awesome.

Friday is the final day of the semester and i’ll have an 8am final for Mass Communications. It isn’t cumulative and i have a study guide to fill in for that. Once i fill in the study guide and sleep on that, my notes, and the book, i’ll get a B on the final most likely and a B for the year.

These are all just speculations. I’ll fill you in once i know everything for sure. Oh and as for book buyback, i am not participating. The only book i can sell back is only worth $3 and i decided it wasn’t worth it. I’m going to see if my friends need it and i’ll sell it to them for $5.

I just bought the new Lady Gaga cd, i need to start packing to go home, and i need to start crocheting some christmas presents.

Fall Out Boy obligatoryness:


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