today i am starting a tumblr blog but it will be much different than this or my vox. it will be more professional. more on that after it launches.

so finals…

I already updated you on my Psychology of Communication final. I still don’t know what grade I got on it and it doesn’t look like i’m going to know until Christmas eve all of my final grades. For some people it will be like “Merry Christmas! You Failed!”

Tuesday was my Public Speaking final which didn’t happen until 2pm. I hung out in the music building for about a half an hour before my final. Took the final in 40 minutes. 100 questions in 40 minutes. Yes, I know I’m awesome. We got our grades for that. a 79% on the final and a 90% for the semester. Thats an A. The lowest A you can get, but an A non-the-less.

Wednesday, yesterday, was my history final. A 50 question multiple choice test. It took all of 20 minutes and i know i got atleast 24ish correct. Not an awesome grade but whatevs. I studied and slept on my notebook. One of the only finals i’m studying for.

Today, Thursday, I had an 8am English Final. 50 questions all on grammer and punctuation. It took a half an hour because I had 150 sentences to read so that isn’t too bad.

Tomorrow, Friday, I have an 8am Mass Communications final. I need to do my study guide for that and that is all the studying i will be doing. I should work on that now but a boy in my class is sitting really close to me in the student center and i don’t want him to notice. I thought about asking him if he wants to study together but i’ve never talked to the kid and he’s watching the Colbert Report rather loudly. I’m not complaining because its funny.

So my Fall Out Boy file on my laptop went out the window when my computer crashed so I no longer have a large Fall Out Boy stock but i do have random celebrity pictures. So i give you the trio from Harry Potter.


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