I have had this same layout forever. Its time to switch everything up.
You don’t hear from me for months, and the first thing I’m going on about is change and how much I need it.

Since my last update, I have become wildly obsessed with Harry Potter. I mean, more so than I have been in a while. I have also met 3 amazing boys but none of it will work out. Oh my life!

Last night, I tried smoking for the first time. Not cigarettes, but cigarillos. It was awesome but completely terrible at the same time. I have two more waiting for me in my room so I can have them to “relieve the stress of finals week”.

And I just learned how much people will disappoint you. People will be the biggest hypocrites and just let you down completely. Seeing how unfair the world is makes you step back and just wonder how we can all be a part of it but be pieces from so many different puzzles. We’ll never fit together exactly right and the world will never be a truly awesome place. I feel this might be why I’m a nerd fighter. I really want to decrease the world suck.