The Summer Kicker

I recently received a copy of The Radical Uprise’s Summer Kicker.

Photo Courtesy of The Radical Uprise

It is a zine of 100 activities to do this summer that do not involve the computer or electronics of any kind. They range from learning to crochet (done) and laying out in the rain to just keeping your phone off for a day (maybe even a week as it suggests).

My plan this summer is to do one activity a day (possibly two depending on the activity). I’ll try and keep my progress here. By tracking my progress, I don’t mean each thing will get its own post. That would be too ridiculous and I don’t think I’d be able to get large posts out of some of the things .

Let’s rock this bitch!


Doctors and Zoos

On wednesday, the 22nd, I had a doctor’s appointment in Cleveland dealing with my ears and such. My mother thought it would be a good idea to make a family outing out of it.

Zoos have never been my favorite places. I just don’t find  joy in walking around in the heat only for the animals to be too hot to be standing or out. At least in all of my experiences, that has been the case. Luckily, we went earlier in the morning on an overcast day so the animals were out, about, and I was able to take some decent pictures.


After three hours at the zoo, we finally left for the doctor’s appointment. We waited about an hour to even see the physician. He told me pretty much nothing yet suggested I start taking more vitamins. We can put my pill count up to nine.

The best part of the day was finding this mug in the zoo gift shop. I didn’t buy it but it sure did bring a smile to my face.




Today was a slow Friday. There was no work and there were no plans. Everything just was at a terrible stand still and all the plans fell through.

Today I was either going to bake cupcakes or go out to lunch with a co-worker.

Instead, I napped and cleaned the house. I’ve then spent most of the evening crocheting.

Wow, this is some riveting stuff. I promise to get better.

Getting Fit

Last summer, I set out with the goal of losing weight, toning up, and getting fit. I succeeded. Then the school year started back up and I was sent back into a life of eating rather unhealthy foods. Most of this would be my fault as I knew I was not eating healthy and yet I continued on my merry way.

With living in an off campus apartment this upcoming year, I will be cooking my own meals ensuring they won’t be too excessive or unhealthy. I’m picking up my goal from last year only this time I will stay fit and work harder.