M.I.B.I. February: Homework/Procrastination Goal

Make It or Break It February is bound to have some goals that coincide so I figured I’d start this off with my only hand-in-hand goals. I want to break my procrastination habit and start doing a little bit of homework everyday.

I haven’t ever had a huge problem with procrastination but it is enough of something to try changing. My biggest qualm with procrastinating comes when I have a huge project coming up but no motivation to do it. I was burned once last semester from this but not this semester.

Doing a little bit of homework every day is a little bit of a stepping stone to stopping procrastination but it is also something my mother has been trying to get me to do for as long as I can remember. Doing something every day will keep me immersed in the work/knowledge so my grades will turn out better. If I don’t have homework, I can still study or do other work.

Where any problems might occur with this goal is where my lack of motivation stops me from doing daily homework and thus procrastinating on big projects.


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