Mainly Quidditch

So Make It or Break It February kind of fell through. On a positive note, however, the school year is done so I have the summer to focus on bettering myself. Or something along those lines.


Since my last update, my school had a quidditch tournament. It was probably one the best days ever and this would have to be one of my new favorite pictures ever.


The day was filled with fun, friends, and fabulosity. I’m writing my thesis on the sport of muggle quidditch and the first scene will be from the Edinboro Spring Snitch Cup. Doesn’t seem that exciting but it is. Another exciting thing from that day is that Team Sexyface was a real thing.


Team Sexyface is the name I usually call my scrimmage team in practices. For the tournament, we had a mercenary team (a team made of people who don’t generally play together) and it was the real Team Sexyface. Seeing my baby come to life was just too awesome.


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