Make It or Break It February: Update

Yesterday was the last day to add any goals to my list of habits to make or break. I could think of none so I am sticking with the five I started with. My progress with some are going really great while others will probably never fully get off the ground.

The failure of the bunch is the one where I said about no longer biting my nails. This is no longer a bad habit for me; I fear it may be a way of life. For as long as I can remember, I have been biting my nails so this won’t be easy.

The easiest it seems on the group is drinking one glass of green tea a day. It sounds like a weird habit to make but once I do my post dedicated soley to it, things should make more sense. I actually need to go out and buy more green tea today that is how well it’s doing.

The homework/procrastination ones are kind of iffy. I am succeeding in doing homework daily which means I’m not procrastinating but I feel I’m not doing the right homework. I count Quidditch paperwork and such to be homework but by doing that I am kind of procrastinating on my real homework.

This weekend I’ll finally have the chance to sit down and write about each goal individually so I guess be on the look out if you’re interested.


Doctors and Zoos

On wednesday, the 22nd, I had a doctor’s appointment in Cleveland dealing with my ears and such. My mother thought it would be a good idea to make a family outing out of it.

Zoos have never been my favorite places. I just don’t find ¬†joy in walking around in the heat only for the animals to be too hot to be standing or out. At least in all of my experiences, that has been the case. Luckily, we went earlier in the morning on an overcast day so the animals were out, about, and I was able to take some decent pictures.


After three hours at the zoo, we finally left for the doctor’s appointment. We waited about an hour to even see the physician. He told me pretty much nothing yet suggested I start taking more vitamins. We can put my pill count up to nine.

The best part of the day was finding this mug in the zoo gift shop. I didn’t buy it but it sure did bring a smile to my face.