Make It or Break It February

On my way home from school yesterday, I was thinking about the fact that VEDA/BEDA is coming up and then wondered why there was nothing fun for February, the shortest of the months. Doing something everyday would not be hard. I also was thinking over the fact that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.

Things started connecting and now I’m trying to start Make It or Break It February as a thing.

Habits To Try Breaking:
– Biting my nails
– Procrastination

Habits To Try Making:
– Drink green tea every day
– Work out 3-4 days a week
– Daily homework

I have until the 8th to add anything to either list or really break down them. Through out this week, I’m going to try posting about each goal, what it means to me, or why it’s being done.



Zombie Apocalypse Playlist

Hello all. Sorry I have not bee updating at all. I have a bunch of stuff from the summer coming up but to get back in the swing of things, I’m doing to do a Zombie Apocalypse Playlist. I found this online. It’s just a shuffle survey (which I love, by the way). For those of you that don’t know what a shuffle survey is, you place your media device on shuffle and answer each point with whatever song shows up.

For anyone else that wants to do this, the list is:

  1. First song is the overall theme of the apocalypse.
  2. Second song is what plays when you kill your first zombie.
  3. Third song plays when you’re getting chased by a horde.
  4. Forth song plays when you have to kill your loved ones.
  5. Fifth song plays when you find a group of survivors.
  6. Sixth song plays when you meet a new love interest.
  7. Seventh song plays when you have to make a final stand.
  8. Eighth song plays when you think you’ve survived it all.
  9. Ninth song plays when you discover a bite mark on you.
  10. And finally, the tenth song is what plays over the credits.
I just want to be clear. I did not make this. I found it online. Let’s go with my answers because I sense a zombie apocalypse coming on.
My Zombie Apocalypse Playlist.
  1. Big Hype (feat. D.A. & Driis) – Patrick Stump
  2. I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song (Piano Tribute) – Piano Rocks
  3. New In Town – Little Boots
  4. Everything We Had – The Academy Is…
  5. Risky Business – The Cab
  6. Hands Down – Dashboard Confessional
  7. Mixtape – Butch Walker
  8. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) – Mika
  9. Sami – Darren Criss
  10. Hang ‘Em High – My Chemical Romance
In my opinion that is a pretty badass playlist. Just saying. And number four fits quite perfectly. Actually, most of them fit pretty well.

Who are you to define my reality?

“You do know it’s not real, don’t you?”

This seems to be the question I’ve been running into lately. Especially when discussing the wizarding world.

My question back to all the haters is: “Who are you to define my reality?”

Why do you get to decide what is real in my world and not me? I don’t try to tell you that your dreams are unreachable. I don’t try to tell you that your favorite things don’t exist. I would appreciate if the same courtesy was extended towards me.

I might be a bit off in the head but, like Holly Golightly, I am a real phony. I honestly and truly believe in what I believe in regardless of its associations to the “real world”.

Please, just leave my world alone. I have it where I want it and don’t need you taking it over with your lack of imagination.